First Baptist
      Church of Bastrop

Sunday Morning Bible Study Fellowships

Each Sunday morning there are study fellowships available for all ages. There are classes available for preschoolers through youth. There is also a nursery provided for infants through five years of age. Children often have art work and activities that are part of the learning experience.

The youth are comprised of a Junior High and a High School department. They begin the group gathering with a time of socializing. Music is a big part of the group time as the youth praise team and youth minister lead the group in praise and worship. Afterwards they break into small learning groups, which afford the students a great opportunity to make a connection with other students their age.

Adults have their own fellowship groups which range in age from 18 to 80+. The "First Family" loves to meet each week to share coffee, personal happenings from the previous week, and experience an environment of learning that is friendly and open. Everyone is invited to come join a study group and make a friend on Sunday morning.

Our group leaders have joined together to promote six crucial values for each of the Bible study fellowship groups.

  • We value communicating the inerrant, infallible truth of God's Word in a way that all can understand its power and relevance.
  • We value an active prayer life. We believe that God desires His people to pray and that He hears and answers prayer. Group members are encouraged to share prayer concerns. We actively encourage praying for one another.
  • We value a team model for ministry and organization that equips and empowers every team member. Group members are encouraged to utilize their natural abilities, spiritual gifts and life experiences in conjunction with the overall goals of their team.
  • We value the spiritual nurturing of each member of the family in age-graded small group Bible study as one of God's dynamic means to perpetuate the Christian faith. We commit to be a place where adults can model the pursuit of ongoing personal spiritual growth for their family members, where parents can foster the spiritual development of thei children and where couples can grow in their marital relationships.
  • We believe that God deserves the best we have to offer, and we are committed to through planning preparation, and implementation of every aspect of our small group Bible study fellowships.
  • We value the intimacy that is derived from the building of a community through a Bible studyfellowship. We are committed to developing caring relationships with one another and building friendships where we can help each other strive to be Christ-like in our daily lives. We are committed to be a fellowship where newcomers can find a place to belong and feel at home.

We welcome newcomers to make a connection with the "First Family" community from the very first time they are our guest.

Bible Study Groups

Discipleship is a key part of developing fellowship among members of the "First Family". It is in the small groups that ample opportunity to connect with others can more easily occur. Socials and other group activities aid participants in growing friendships around the principles found in God's Word.

These small groups also help to instruct group participants how to better understand God's Word in these modern times. They also provide an opportunity for participants to mature in how they make application of God's Word in their relationships with family members, friends and in their employment setting.

F.B.I. Classes

The PAC (Pastor's Auditorium Class) is a great place to get to know the pastor as he teaches on a wide variety of topics. As an open class, that means anyone can join the class at anytime. Each session is a standalone session, so there is no need for catching up with what has been presented previously.